Special Thanks to all who made this Memorial possible

Many people have invested their time, talent and great efforts to make this Memorial a reality, and a success. Our deepest gratitude to all who worked to make it possible. The following list is only a beginning in offering recognition to them; we will add to it as we compile the completed lists.


Poindexters.com sound system design and production

The actors and technical team:

Alex Aston, voice of J.D. Moore and Dave Belmont
Kevin Butler, recording engineer
Jans Carlson, voice of Josiah James
Bill Costigan, producer, audio system designer
Kevin Foster, fabrication of metal enclosure
Sean Gale, voice of Manus Dugan
David Hearst, technical guidance
Kiley Hearst, voice of child
Emma Lynn, voice of Madge Dugan
Dick Maney, sound effects
Mary Schaad, voice of minors wife Ben Tregonning
Chris Scharenberg, writer and voice of Butte Daily Post
Jack Stonnell, sound effects
Jamey Warren, the narrator
Hunter White, voice of Rev. Lawrence A. Wilson